Are you a business owner in food service industry? Let Ecopak to show you how to grow your business by using our quality Eco-Friendly Utensils!


An Environmental Friendly Business

Earthpak Distribution Inc. was established in 2016 from an extension of an eco-friendly organization. Our ultimate goal is to promote greener alternative products to everyone that we can possibly reach, and to build a better and greener environment for our future generation. We strive to cooperate with waste management companies, recycling facilities, and municipalities to develop and recoup resources from our daily wastes.
Earthpak is proud to introduce a variety of environmental friendly products. By using these compostable food service wares, we hope to reduce the environmental impacts one step at a time. Please check out our products. If you require further assistance, please send us your inquiries.

High quality Earthpak Ware

To ensure that the products you buy and use are truly compostable, the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) created an innovative certification program in 1999. At Eco-Packaging, we offer wide variety of BPI certified products that met the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards to certify products as true compostable.please send us your inquiries.


Choosing recycled or compostable disposable cups, forks and utensils means reducing waste and protecting the earth.


The highest quality utensils that allow you to re-use and re-purpose each foodware, this will increase the safety and branding for your business!


Reduce the waste, and cut your costs! Reducing disposable utensils. (as well as dishware and cups) dramatically reduces the costs associated with consistently purchasing disposable items.